"Daffodil Bucket"

by Eva Snyder

5/8" flat reed
#3 round reed
1/2" flat reed - dyed green
7 mm flat/oval reed
1/2" flat/oval reed
11/64" flat reed
6" x 14" tulip handle

Pottery daffodil from Union Station Studio

Cut 7 spokes from 5/8" at 32" long. Soak and mark the centers and 1 1/2" out from the centers on 3 spokes.

Stand handle up on table and lay 1 spoke across the base of the handle inside. Add the other two marked spokes inside on top of the others. Space evenly. Twine on the 1 1/2' marks for 3 rows with #3 reed. Tuck in ends of reed. Add the other 4 spokes inside. Continue to twine from the outside for 3 rows or to the edge. When you get to the edge, crease up your spokes and twine up for two more rows.

Side rows:
Rows 1-3: 1/2" flat - dyed green. The first row is over the handle.
Rows 4-16: 7mm flat/oval reed.
Weave the daffodil on the center spoke on row 17.
Rows 18-23: 7 mm flat/oval reed.

Cut and tuck spokes. Use 1/2" flat/oval reed for rim. Use seagrass for rim filler, and lash with 11/64" flat reed.
Use green 1/2' flat for stem and leaves of flower. See photo for reference.

Copyright - Eva Snyder 1997

This pattern may be printed out for use, but may not be printed out in quantity for resale.

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