"Biscuit Basket"

1/2" flat - stakes
#2 round reed - twining
1/4" flat/oval - weavers
1" ash
1/2" flat/oval - rim
2 wrought iron handles - available from Baskets of Joy (see Suppplier's Page)
3/8" flat


Cut 8 stakes from 1/2" flat - 21" long
Cut 2 stakes from 1/2" flat - 26" long
Soak the 10 stakes and some #2 round for twining the bottom.

Mark centers on your 10 stakes. Set aside the 2 - 26" stakes, we will use them later.

Lay three of the 21" stakes horizontally on the table. Weave in the five remaining 21" stakes vertically through the three horizontal stakes. Square the base to 3" x 5," making sure you mark the corners with a pencil. This will help you find your measurements if your stakes move.

Start your twining on the long side. Twine for 3 rows. (Don't cut your twining!) Be sure to keep your corners tight or your basket will get too big. (For directions on how to twine, refer to the directions given on the "Tips" page of the Just Patterns website.) Once you have your 3 rows in, you will add your 2 - 26" stakes.

To add your 26" stakes, you will make an X. Weave them diagonally through the base: under at the corner, over at the center, and then under at the opposite corner. These will be used as corner stakes to make your basket oval. Continue your twining until the base measures 7" x 9." Keep your twining tight and measure as you go to be sure everything is even.

Upsett the base.
Weave 5 rows using 1/4" flat/oval.
Weave 1 row using 1/4" flat - dyed.
Weave 1 row using 1" ash.
Weave 1 row using 1/4" flat - dyed.
Weave 4 rows 1/4" flat/oval.
Weave 1 row using 3/8" flat (rim row)

Cut and tuck the stakes.Wrap the rim with 1/2" flat/oval. Place the wrought iron handles on each end, centering them over the three end stakes. Lash with 1/4" flat, in both directions. Stencil on the 1" ash.

Copyright 1987 - The Woven Reed
This pattern may be printed out for personal use, but may not be printed out in quantity for resale.

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