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"Just Patterns" is a quarterly publication for basketmakers that was written and published by Sheri L. Van Duyn. Each issue contains five or more patterns, a "Woven Blessings" devotional, and advertising.


A free on-line sample issue of "Just Patterns" is yours for the asking. It contains the patterns for the baskets shown here, an inspirational message,and advertising from your favorite suppliers. Basic instructions for beginners are available on the "Basket Tips" page of this website.

For more information about current issues, please use the links below. For more free patterns online, please visit the Pattern Exchange

Let me introduce myself!

Subtle Changes (SP00)

Highlights of the Current Issue (SP11)

Highlights of the Winter 2010 Issue (W10)

Devotional in the Current Issue (SP11)

Devotional in the Winter 2010 Issue (W10)

Past Devotionals Page

"Just Patterns" Magazine Back Issues


Just Patterns

The Idea Magazine for Basketmakers

(616) 846-7926 * sheri@justpatterns.com