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From Sheri’s Studio….

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! When Winter does come in Michigan, it comes to stay. Of course, my students long for a snow day at the sign of the first flake! I just laugh and tell them that when I was in school, my Principal never canceled school, only if the snow was as high as the flag pole! (I actually remember in High School the students tried to bury this pole to make good on his promise.) A few snow days are behind us, actually a blizzard; this always gets us into the Christmas Season as well as shopping for all the last minute gifts.

In this Issue, you'll find plenty of inspiration for the entire Winter Season. I always thought it interesting that several weavers would always weave Winter Baskets after the Holidays. Then when November rolled around, everything new would come out for the upcoming Holidays and they felt as if they were ahead of the rush! After this Christmas I'll be heading for Florida. I have this second Trimester off from teaching High School Art, so will travel south with my husband, Ralph, who will stay for awhile and leave me there. I will prepare my folks’ Condo and get ready for them to come down and spend a few weeks together. I already have visions of Baskets in my head and hope to be weaving by the pool and coming up with some great new projects!

So let’s begin now with my “When You Wish Upon a Star”; a good exercise in round reed of various sizes. This is great as a package tie on or use for a star student, book cover, Christmas tree ornament or my favorite- add one to a grouping of reed diffuser pieces as a festive accent.

My “Snowman on the Run” is a neat project in Birch Bark. Using the outer and inner bark to accent this Winter project which uses a buttonhole stitch to hold the bark together. This can be made in felt. Tie this onto a basket or your Christmas tree.

Kathy Halter has designed her “Napkin Rings” using oval/oval reed shaped around a broomstick handle. Then stitch several rows with waxed linen with looping a buttonhole stitch. Make a set for the entire family for special occasions, Holidays or just everyday use. Dress them up with beads. (One of my friends added these as ornaments to her Christmas tree.)

Sherry Stephens has designed her Sandy’s Candies” which uses a wooden grooved base and an acrylic bowl as a mold. Cover with the lid. Weave in a row of dyed reed and accent with cane. Great as a serving piece for candy, dips, salsa; yet can also be used as a storage container for cotton balls, jewelry, or beads. Look for this pattern available on my Website www.justpatterns.com

 The “Small Nativity” by Mary Lou Kessler makes a great weaving project for any age to weave and is a neat first time project for younger weavers. Start out with a wooden drilled base and round reed spokes. Weave with round reed and flat oval. Complete with a braided top. Stain and then add the star, moss and resin Nativity figures.

 “Snowy Wall Basket” is a wonderful wall basket designed by Sherry Stephens. This Winter themed basket is woven in flat reed and has dyed reed and a metal star as an accent. An ash bushel handle is lashed on the back to secure as the snowman, candy cane, bird, star, pinecone and greens and candle (that actually lights up!) are added.

 Enjoy these projects as another year is quickly ending; enjoy being with your loved ones and those you hold dear. Make memories special to last throughout the years!

 I wish you warmth and joy as you enjoy all that this Season brings!

Happy New Year! Blessings in 2010!

Happy Weaving!

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