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From Sheri’s Studio….

I am getting as bad as my high school Seniors counting down the days of classes. My reason is really to accomplish all my Art projects as well as my grading. I am also craving warmer weather and soft breezes, blue skies, colorful flowers in the yard and lots of greenery. I’ve been waiting to get the boat launched and go to Lake Michigan for boat rides and enjoy the open waters.

Already May has had some weather warmer than all of last Summer. Of course, I was in the classroom. I am hoping that this will continue when I make my exit as my students depart. Exams, Graduation, Open Houses, and closing out my classroom. I have been asked what I am doing during Summer break; I told my students that I am going to Egypt! Well, with Vacation Bible School-as I am the Craft lady! 

I am looking forward to weaving outdoors again! After all these activities I will have my basket supplies packed in my van to weave on the boat or at the marina’s pool where we keep our boat. How bad is your addiction to basket weaving when you wake up and get out of bed because you just saw a new idea in a dream? The truth is, sometimes, when inspiration strikes, you just have to go with it-get up early, stay up late, scribble a design on a napkin, Post-it note or scratch paper. Well, I have started to keep an idea book when I travel, walk through Antique booths, Art Shows and whatever inspires me. I just sketch down my ideas here as I use to have loose papers all over my desk. I hope this Issue gets you inspired and gets you weaving.

 My “Sunglass Basket” is the answer to- “So where did I put my sunglasses?” Using a Williamsburg handle in the base shapes this small basket; then add the Ash overlays with the Swimsuit boy and girl. Hang your glasses from the handle or just drop inside; great for those reading glasses too!

Julie Kleinrath’s “Coneflower Twill Basket” is woven on a wooden base with accents of Hunter green and purple. Three different twills with chain wale surround each band of color; finish with a green leather and coneflower pottery tie-on.

“Criss Cross Market Basket” by Julie Kleinrath is a solid woven base basket large enough to hold pillows and afghans! The “Criss Cross” design is added as the basket is woven. Choose to weave this one in a variety of colors! 

Julie Kleinrath’s “Friendship Basket” is woven on an oval wooden base. This very simple basket features colorful paper flowers and silk leaves which are added after the basket is finished. 

Look for Julie Kleinrath’s “Mail Pouch with a Heart” on my Website. This basket has dyed reed, a ceramic heart tie-on with a wire house as a decorative hanger. Also, check out Julie’s book-“Woven Designs on Wooden Bases.” This book features 30 patterns for weavers of all levels; complete with colored photos and step by step instructions. Many helpful hints and tips and advice from Julies’ 20 years of weaving-order directly from her or your favorite Supplier! A great addition to your Basket Library!  

Kathy Halter’s “Picnic Table Cloth Weights” will add to any Summer festivities! Using name badge clips, waxed linen and seashells accented with beads for extra weight, the knotting fun begins. Royalwood is known for all their waxed linen and if you have not “knotted”-this is the project for you! Make blocks of color or stripes, the possibilities are endless! 

This Summer I encourage you to find time to create, write down your ideas to basket weaving, find some new ideas, play on an old technique and “jump” in and create a new woven project. Have fun weaving these projects here and make sure to check out the Website! Weaving Wishes!

Happy Summer!

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