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From Sheri’s Studio….

 The first part of the year has simply flown by. My daughter, Sarah was engaged to Daren Hurd over a year ago and the wedding was this Spring on April 29, 2006. Seems like we had so much time at first to plan and then it was 6 months, 4 months, 1 month and then wedding week. Everything could not have gone better; I was so pleased with all our plans. Large antique baskets filled with fresh colorful Spring flowers designed by my sister were the backdrop for the church wedding. Family flew in from California and made the event even more special. The weather was a cool, clear Spring day. The bride was simply beautiful! I am so happy that her “big” day turned out so wonderful! 

The fragrant flower, lavender is turned into “Lavender Wands” as a natural weaving material. Lavender will easily grow 2’-3’ in your sunny garden; it is hardy, beautiful with sweet smelling blooms. This will be a fun project to weave silk ribbon into wands to enjoy this fragrance year round. This colorful flower has a scent of relaxation and a wonderful treat for all the senses. 

My “Seed Packet Carrier Basket” is a good way to keep seeds organized. Put the date on each packet, when planted and how fertilized; store them and keep in this basket.  Then at harvest time you will have a record of what grew well and what to purchase next year. The handle and rim are painted with acrylics to give an old age look; the perfect carrier to take to the garden.

 The “7” Pedestal Bowl” is designed and woven by Stan and Linda Fabian. This couple is also skilled wood workers who take much pride in their craft and have lathe turned the cherry base, lid and also the grooved rim. This basket is stately, elegant and available in 3 sizes. The Fabian’s will cut these wood pieces in cherry (as shown here) or walnut, but can also work in other exotic woods. Contact them for availability.

 My “Pride of the Peacock” has Ash spokes for the framework. Triple twining in natural and dyed round reed cascade a pattern around the side of the basket and include a peacock feather. The rim is finished with dyed jute. This small basket is finished with round reed loops that go around d the basket to secure sea shells-which have always been my trademark.

 Marilyn Wald’s “Denim Storage” does exactly as its name says. Dyed rows are overlaid and side wooden handles are secured to the sides of this big functional basket. This one can be used for storage or as a great toy basket. The denim liner with its pull strings is a nice addition to this basket.

 Marilyn Wald also designed “The Fishing Creel”; this basket is a great exercise in shaping. The fishing pole, boots and fish add the accents to this basket complete with the long leather handle-great for Father’s Day. Use as a decorative creel or add a festive fishing arrangement. Or use as the perfect mail basket on your angler’s desk. 

Summer will officially be here soon. I’ll be happy as we have had a cool, wet Spring. Everything is blooming, but I’m waiting for more colors and school to be out for Summer! Plus the law is out-Michigan schools must start in the Fall after Labor Day-this means a few more welcome weeks of Summer fun to enjoy!!

 Happy Summer!
      Weaving Wishes! 

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Bonus Patterns~

Looking for these patterns? The bonus patterns-Night Lite  and "Napkin Basket" will be available only by going to my Website justpatterns.com and clicking on the Pattern Exchange where you will find over 25 other free Online Patterns. Please feel free to print these out for your own personal use. No computer? Ask a friend or visit your local Library.

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