Spring 2010 "Just Patterns"

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From Sheri’s Studio….

I am hoping that Spring is coming and soon! If I can say one word for Winter; it was cold! I was in Florida and opened up my folk’s condo in January to record cold weather. When I came home to Michigan the temperatures were still falling and the snow seemed to continue to fall. I have heard some call this the never ending Winter! Well, I am hoping the thermometer will continue to go one direction and that is up!

 So let’s think Spring with this Issue. Start out weaving with my “Easter Eggs”. Paint or use colored scrapbook paper; then cut splits and weave with cane or reed. When finished use this beginner weaving exercise as name tags or place cards for your table. These Eggs will also be great for greeting cards or a nice addition to your scrapbook.

 My “Seagrass Swirl” is a round basket which uses seagrass as the main weaving material. So often this material is only used as rim filler, but use here to create this basket accented by dyed round reed in triple weave and then accent once the basket is woven. A bean pot handle is lashed into place for carrying.

 My “Carrot Carrier” is a great exercise in round reed shaping. Have fun with this one. Weave in natural and then toss in the dye pot when finished. Add greens to complete the look. A great springtime carrier.

 Jennifer Rhodes is the owner of BasketWeavingSupplies.com  Her baskets are also featured in this Issue. “The Pink Pot of Hope” was designed for one of Jenn’s customers who wanted to weave something to thank all the people who supported her when she was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. This “honey pot” shape” is a great exercise in weaving with lots of pink, plus the addition of the pink ribbons on the outside.

 “Jenn’s SUV” is great to tote back and forth from your car or SUV. A wooden base starts this handy tote out. Dyed round reed accents with braided seagrass make this sturdy tote different. A 12” handle lashed into place makes this one easy to carry.

“Cocomo Bowl” is also by Jennifer Rhodes. This is a beautiful bowl made on a plastic bowl for a mold-can be woven without the mold. This one is truly beautiful to look at in the inside and on the outside. Start out with a 5” round grooved wooden base and weave with 7mm dyed, 3mm, #1 and #3 dyed round reed. 

 Jordan’s Easter Basket” by Jennifer Rhodes is an adorable colorful basket for that special child in your life. This basket is a great project for a beginner weaver with lots of dyed reed. Look for this pattern available by visiting my website www.justpatterns.com

 I wish you the warmth that Spring should bring. Hope you enjoy the seasons changing too!

 Stay warm… and stay inspired...this year!!Happy Spring!
Weaving Wishes!

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