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From Sheri’s Studio….

Back to School! Local teachers have returned to their classrooms after slogging through professional days in the advance of new classes starting with students! I can hardly complain after enjoying one of the best weather of “hot” Summers that I can remember. (You might remember that last Summer was one of the coldest in Michigan’s history, so we were due for a nice one!) Busses are gearing up, classrooms are getting their floors cleaned and high school teams are in full swing with practices going for all their games! I wrote a grant in June and spent some of the Summer in my Art Classroom developing new curriculum on the Photography classes that I will be teaching.

I am also creating several Art pieces. Both are Photography pieces. One set will be for ARTPRIZE which will be held in Grand Rapids Michigan. My piece will be sayings from the Greek Physician, Hippocrates- Ars Longa! Vita Brevis! Or; Life is Short! Art is Long! Two panels will be depicted; one in English and the second in Latin. Each of these letters have been “shots” of Art pieces that I have photographed around Western Michigan to spell out the phrase and then I have turned each letter into Black and White for continuity. Please feel free to check this out at the ArtPrize Website- www.artprize.org  I was accepted by the River Walk as my Venue.  

The second piece is for ART WALK which is on a smaller scale in Grand Haven, Michigan. I am photographing the words Coast Guard City, USA; my piece has been accepted into the Grand Haven Tri-Cities Public Museum. All work from both events will be on display from September 22- October 10, 2010.

Now for our own cornucopia of options for you-Start out with my “Scarecrow Gourd” This mini gourd is cleaned, wood burned and then cut to shape the hat and face. Color is added along with a cord to wear as a necklace. Several of these hanging from a branch of a tree would make great party favors!

Sarah Nestle is the featured artist in the issue. “Richie’s Carnival Jar” starts out with a Purple Heart base and space dyed spokes and continues by weaving with caning. This is woven on a mold to guarantee the perfect fit to the turned rim. When finished the lid with the swirling marble is as beautiful is “icing on the cake.”

The “Adirondack Back Pack” by Sarah Nestle is a large, life-size and functional basket. This one will be comfortable on your back as well as sturdy. Make for yourself or for your favorite person who loves to go out and hike, collect or hunt. Start out by using a mold-this can be rented and weave this free hand. You will be guaranteed that the leather straps fit correctly and the sides of the weaving will be straight. This pack basket has runners on the bottom to extend the life of this all-purpose basket. Wide leather straps are made for comfort and attached into the base for ease on your back.

The “Antler Business Card Basket” is also by Sarah Nestle. Taking an antler; holes are drilled and then reed is inserted to weave the basket up with cane and waxed linen. Use for business cards, tea bags, or simply decoration. Have a favorite antler? Inquire about their drilling service!

“State Quarter Baskets” by Sarah Nestle are just wonderful. Yes, all 50 states are available! This makes the perfect gift to weave for anyone and goes up quickly!  These state wooden bases are Ash inlaid with Walnut; then drilled to hold the state quarter or find a quarter with a special year for a birthday or anniversary. This is the best and most thoughtful gift that you can weave and doesn’t even take that long! Everyone loves this one; especially the guys! Find Sarah’s “Quarter Basket” as a Bonus Patterns in this Issue by going to my Website www.justpatterns.com on the Pattern Exchange.

My “Jack’ Lantern and Ghost Gourds” will definitely welcome in the new “fall” season. Cut out these gourds, add your own face or use the faces here as an inspiration! Stain or paint to give “life” and add an electric light for a special glow. This is a great, fun project; you’ll love working with gourds!

My “School of Rock” weaves in a solid bottom and accents of red triple weave and black dyed reed. The sides go up straight and angled up on the ends. Then the tied slate boards are added along with the wooden accent school pieces. Place a tissue box inside and pull through the two pieces of slate.

This Fall I encourage you to find time to create; new teachers await! New classes and guilds and basket friends are available and basket people are the best! Have fun weaving these projects here and make sure to check out the Website!

Weaving Wishes!

Happy Fall!

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