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From Sheri’s Studio….

This Summer went by quickly. That means most vacations have been taken and kids are getting ready to head back to school. This also means that fall is right around the corner. It's that time of the year again, as we move from one season into another, from former routines to new schedules, meeting new people and reacquainting ourselves with familiar faces.

Now is the time to plan for classes, build your inventory for your fall craft shows, or get ready with your holiday gifts. Is this the year friends and loved ones will receive more handmade gifts, rather than clothes or gift cards? If so, let’s get weaving!

My “Apple Gourds” are constructed from gourds that are actually named apple gourds. Paint them in your favorite color. Use as a Fall centerpiece, give to your favorite teacher, or construct as a bird house for your feathered friends.

My “Fall in Love” is a small basket using dyed caning and space dyed reed. This colorful basket will definitely welcome in the new “fall” season. Overlapping side handles along with cut out gourd leaf tie ons are used as an accent. Find this one on my Website www.justpatterns.com on the Pattern Exchange.

Karen Zane’s “Herb Basket” is a wonderful exercise in ribbed basketry. This functional basket starts out with an oak hoop and handle framework held together by a God’s Eye on both sides. The rib work is constructed using dyed and natural round reed. Finish by adding an accent of twill weave into both sides of the woven oak hoop.

Karen Zane is also featured here with her “Antler Baskets”. Here the antler is utilized as the framework. Each one will be setup differently as each antler has its own character that varies in size and shape. The rib work needs to “flow” to create the weaving. Karen has written the best antler construction book. Some of the pattern is here, but Karen’s 18 page Antler book with 69 pictures really explains framework and weaving for rib antler baskets into works of art~ a must for any weaver.

Venie Hinson’s “Fall Frolic” is a double walled basket starting out with a grooved base with 2 slots. Weave the inner basket with spaced dyed reed and then use this as your mold to shape the outer basket. Add French Randing and triple weave along with a 4 strand border braid to complete this large, colorful basket.

“Fall Frolic” is part of a series by Venie Hinson. Please check out the others by visiting my Website on the Pattern Exchange. Here Venie starts out with an oval grooved base by weaving reed and alternating with seagrass. Then marbleized strips are inserted-one of Venie’s trademarks along with her detailed basketry patterns. Seagrass braided side handles and a tie on finish this decorative basket.

Happy Fall!
Happy Weaving!

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