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From Sheri’s Studio….

My Summer was a change of pace in many ways. We sold our boat last Fall, so after many Summers of weaving on our boat and then throwing my project "overboard" to soak; I did my weaving on our deck at the house. I was not able to weave as much this year as I was having some health Issues.

My husband and I did have a fun get-a-way over July 4th. We traveled across Lake Michigan on a coal driven steamship the Badger to Wisconsin and checked out Door County. We had done this trip 6 years earlier on our own boat with the kids and 2 other families and their boats. This time we wanted to see what we could discover inland and not by foot. We had a great time checking out all the quaint towns, galleries, shops and of course restaurants. My favorite was in Sister Bay and was definitely worth the 1 hour wait. Here at this Scandinavian Restaurant called Al Johnson’s--the goats eat the grass on the roof and keep the patrons occupied until their name is called to eat. The food is hearty and everything was simply delicious.

Yet, this Summer’s vacation break was longer this year than ever. Michigan passed a state law that schools must start classes after Labor Day. I was so excited about this longer break, but am happier for the extension. School might be starting this year without me due to the fact that I was scheduled for surgery-a total hysterectomy, which was delayed and rescheduled 2 weeks later. Recovery is 4-6 weeks and that is at the first weeks of school! So while I am putting the finishing touches on this Issue of the Magazine, I am also recovering, I am reading everything several times before going to press to make sure all is correct-being on heavy medication does dull the pain, but sure makes one fuzzy. I am so happy everything went well and thankful for good reports!

My "Pumpkin Patch" are cherry wood cutouts in various sizes. Natural or dyed round reed or flat oval is wrapped through the slots to create this autumnal centerpiece. Wooden leaves with wire tendrils connect each pumpkin in the 2 different sizes and shapes.

My "Witches’ Brew Basket" is shaped exactly like a haunting witches’ brew pot. Leave this one natural to use for carrying yarn or dye black for the "pot" look. Fill with excelsior and candy or fresh picked apples for your ghoulish ones. The wood and wire bean pot handle finishes the look.

My "Black Cat Gourd" is a fun project combining my love of weaving with painting. After the gourd is cut and painted, bright facial features can also be painted. A dyed round reed braid and handle is added along with glitter paint to capture the "cat ness" of Fall.

"Beaded Indian Corn" is my fun project for all ages featuring multicolored tri-beads. Three corns are grouped together with raffia or paper twist and corn husks can be added for a more realistic look. Add a pin backing to wear, or magnet to post; or set this next to your mini Fall baskets, pumpkins, or horn of plenty.

My "Pumpkin Pin" is a great mini project in round reed. Shaping is the key here. "Flattening out" the weave and decreasing spokes allows this to be the perfect fall lapel pin. If you wish to make a second one, round this out and create a mini centerpiece with the Indian Corn. Add a felt face of any shape.

"Counter Top Catch All" by Julie Klienrath features a grooved wooden base and sets on ball feet. The weave features dyed reed and is higher across the back. A wrapped border finishes the top along with the hand painted wooden apple making this the perfect basket for use on your counter.

Julie Klienrath does it again with "The Postage Stamp Basket." A grooved wooden base starts this project. Simple twill with dyed reed accents the middle weave where the wooden postage stamp is tied onto to complete. The stamp tie-ons are cut out and hand painted by Julie’s cousin, Debi Schroeder who lives in Colorado.

This collection of baskets will be a great welcome as seasons change. Enjoy playing with these colors and weaving these unique creations!

Happy Fall!
Weaving Wishes!

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Bonus Patterns~

Looking for these patterns? These bonus patterns will be available only by going to my Website justpatterns.com and clicking on the Pattern Exchange where you will find over 2 dozen other free Online Patterns. Please feel free to print these out for your own personal use. No computer? Ask a friend or visit your local Library where copies can easily be made.

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